M Levente
a web developer looking for challenges and work



Who am I?

My name is Levente Bognar, aiming to find an internship where I can grow as a web-developer and enrich my skillset working mainly with Wordpress and Angular 2 based websites.

In my freetime - apart from developing websites - I do creative video and photography in areas of humor/social criticism.



Throughout my experiences during education and work I have gained skills in areas of Html,CSS,JS, Jquery, Wordpress and Angular

html5To build structure css3To make it visually appealing jsTo provide functionality jQueryAn easy, and simple javascript framework
wordpressA popular web framework
phpA well built language to build the backend of a system RESTTo make the communication between the backend/frontend easy JsonA popular format to use for REST calls AngularA famous,well documented framework to use with simply to implement solutions

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